How APM works

Why? Our why is focusing on an athlete’s holistic and long-term development journey and making a positive impact on society.

What? Holistically better prepare, to better transition to the next phase, and to provide opportunities in and beyond sport.

How? Manage and mentor student-athletes through knowledge, guidance, and life skills to enable holistic growth.

What we offer

One-on-one Mentorship

Weekly meetings
Life and personal development
Social & emotional learning

Time Management

Goal setting
Managing expectation

Mental Preperation

Focus on and off the sports field
Staying positive
Winning mentality

Academic Support

Managing academic workload

Skills Improvement Program

Sharpening of sporting skill
Physical training program with experienced coaches
Access to sports medical professionals

Transition guidance

Next step transition guidance and preparation

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What athletes have to say

Duran Koevort
UCT IKeys Tiger
SA Schools U20 2022

“APM has been instrumental in helping me navigate the demands of being a student athlete. They've guided me through the essential aspects of nutrition and the requirements to achieve success.”

Mustapha Cassiem
South African Hockey player
European club hockey

“APM - has done a lot for me throughout my school years in making sure I get the best mentorship and guidance so that I could make the right decisions as a young student. I think this so important as it can be really tough to try and make decisions and manage yourself but having this support allowed me to grow , focus on the things that I can control and really be ambitious. It gave me the opportunity to have a good balance with both academics and sport and together."

Lithemba Mfupi
Glenwood High Rugby 1st Team
Sharks Craven Week
SA Schools 2023

“APM mentors, with their own experience as former student athletes, provide invaluable guidance for becoming a well-rounded individual, capable of excelling both on and off the field."

What makes us stand out

  • Experienced Coaches & Teachers

    Experienced in developing youth hostically - academics, social and sports. Our mentors have experience with provincial, national and professional athletes.

  • Established Networks

    Our team has built a professional network of educators as well as medical and sporting professionals.

  • Diverse Backgrounds & Experiences

    Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of experiences in different sports at various levels

  • Passion about Education and Sports

    Our mentors are passionate about continuous learning and personal development through education and sports.

APM is proudly supported by:

Zain Weir
Italian Olympic Shot putter

“Having a mentor alleviates some of the energy-draining practical decision making and increases your capacity for creative decision making. I believe athletes who have more time for creative decision making will always have higher potential than those who don’t, and mentorship is instrumental in giving you this advantage”

BRUSA Sports
Scholarship agency

USA university placement and scholarships. BRUSA Sports is a student-athlete development agency focused on assisting student athletes in utilizing their sporting and academic talents to study and compete internationally.

Julia Vincent
South African Olympic Diver

"Having a mentor to guide a student athlete in the ways in which one could succeed academically and athletically is imperative. Routine is important and have a mentor to encourage routine and to hold a student athlete accountable can be helpful.”

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