At APM Mentorship, our journey is built on our personal experiences as student athletes — through failures and successes.

We have walked the path of and have come to understand the critical role that mentorship plays in achieving one’s goals. 

This insight has shaped our mission to help others succeed.


We support young student athletes who keen to improve their sports and academics. Through mentorship, we assist student-athletes transition well into the different phases of the development journey from 16 – 24 years old.



APM Sports improves sporting and academic performance through mentorship. Student athletes will be well equipped to face challenges and be prepared to achieve their goals with better understanding of the learning process. 

Welcome to Athlete Performance Mentorship

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Our Values


Working together, learning and listening to each other to create a better environment for athletes. The spirit of Ubuntu.


Striving to exceed expectations and giving full effort.


Honesty and setting an example. Actions speak louder than words.


Maintaining a constructive and optimistic attitude towards challenges to find suitable solutions to complex challenges.


In assisting athletes to go beyond their perceived limits and potential.


Valuing all individuals and teams.

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