APM offers an integrated solution to improving sporting performance, lowering injury risk, assisting with academic support, providing one on one mentorship, and life skills development to handle everyday challenges. Our target market is young athletes with ambitions of playing sport at a 1st team, provincial, national level, or whose goal is to find a balance between their demanding school schedules.

  • Often the issues faced in achieving athlete’s goals are that some coaches lack the experience and knowledge in prescribing the right training for a specific sport, diet, injury management, and the balance between different sporting disciplines. More importantly, we assist in helping achieve the often-ignored balance between academic and sporting commitments, with an emphasis on holistic personal growth during their schooling career.
  • In our experience this is particularly important as statistics show that very few school sportsmen/sportswomen eventually make it through to provincial or national representation and even in the case of exceptional talent, such achievement can often be cut short by an injury.

Our Team


Samantha Kingwill


APM Manager
BA Sports Science, Stellenbosch
Eastern Province U/18 hockey
Main sports- hockey and water polo

Chris Ekron


APM Founder
Btech Sports Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Pursing for Masters in Sports Management
Master at Bishops College
Main sports – cricket and rugby

Dr. Geoff Huber


Dr. Huber has over 42 years’ experience in the medical field and has been the Bishops rugby doctor for the past 11 years as well as running out 199 times as the doctor for the Ikey Tigers.

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