Meet our incredible team

Our team is here to mentor student athletes through knowledge, guidance and life skills to enable holistic growth.

Chris Ekron


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • Masters on mentorship in sport
  • PhD candidate in Sport Management (focusing on sport scholarship in SA Schools)
  • Performance & Wellness program developer
  • Educator at Bishops Diocesan College

“Mentorship is key to assisting student athletes in achieving a holistic balance.”

Zukile Ncube


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • BSocSci Politics, International Relations
  • Masters in Education candidate
  • International teaching experience
  • Professional Strength & Conditioning coach – Japan

“Mentorship is important in passing on knowledge and guidance from experience. We can allow young people to see beyond their own perspectives, learn through successes and failures of mentors so they may do even better and become leaders in their environments.
The student can become the master.”

Tarryn Lombard

Senior Mentor

  • Current SA women’s hockey player – 78 caps
  • Tokyo Olympics, Commonwealth games, Senior & Junior World Cups x 2.
  • Bcom investments and financial management
  • Brand Marketing Manager for Princess & Brabo Hockey

“I have walked in the athlete’s shoes and understand the significance of having a mentor in life.
With the demands of academics, sports, school, and social life pulling athletes in various directions, it can be challenging to determine how to balance and what to prioritize.
Moreover, it is invaluable to engage in the process of objectively assessing your goals, ensuring they are both realistic and measurable.”

Samantha Nortier

Senior Mentor

  • BSC Sport Science
  • PGCE – Foundation Phase
  • Qualified Sports Coach Tennis, Hockey, Soccer & Swimming
  • Educator – St George’s Grammar school

“I would like to help young women in sport to navigate their extremely demanding schedules in a holistic way and help develop strategies to overcome obstacles they may face in their current school sporting career and their future sporting careers. 

Helping them transition seamlessly from one space to the next.”

APM mentor

Christopher Baxter


  • Current member of the RMB National Rowing Team
  • Under 23 World Rowing Gold Medalist
  • Under 23 Men’s Pair World record holder
  • World Rowing Cup x2
  • Higher certificate in sports science and education

“Mentorship is important because it helps young athletes learn from mistakes made by successful athletes and also allows them to be guided through their own unique challenges and mistakes.”

Rayno Mapoe


  • Current False Bay RFC 1stb XV Player
  • Former UCT student and Ikey Tigers Rugby Player
  • PGDip Sports Management.

“Mentorship was undoubtedly the needed but missing component in my student athlete journey and although having achieved relative successes, I believe its the most important relationship experience for any student athlete to have. 

My goal now is to provide younger athletes, who’ve walked a similar path to mine, with this opportunity. Having a mentor is more than just setting and achieving goals; it’s about having someone in your corner, providing valuable encouragement, support and care to help you grow both professionally and personally.”

Ryan Julius


  • BCom degree, double major in Industrial Psychology & Management
  • Current SA men’s outdoor hockey player – 73 caps
  • Junior World Cup, World Cup, Tokyo Olympics, X2 Commonwealth Games
  • Current SA men’s indoor hockey player – 27 caps
  • Bishops 1st XI hockey head coach

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