The biggest challenges student athletes face

Transition periods (School & University)

These times can be highly stressful for students and many decisions need to be made

Holistic school and sport balance

Without balance one of these areas will begin to affect all others of life

A lack of physical preparation

This can lead to athletes falling behind and a higher risk of injuries 

Sports performance stress & fear of failure

When students struggle with the pressure they face this can cause anxiety and affect their performance.  

A lack of mental preparation

This could lead to a negative outlook, overall performance and mental wellbeing  

APM addresses these challenges by:

We offer weekly sessions with our mentors that cover a variety of aspects to holistic growth.

We work with students athletes to create a fully personalised plan, focusing on what they need most to improve their overall success.

One on one mentoring

Academic planning and scheduling

Sports performance review & networking

Mental wellbeing & focus

Sports nutrition guidance

Next step - transition specific guidance

Student Athlete Mentorship Program

Weekly 1 on 1 meetings
Scheduling - sports, training, academics, exams
Goal Setting
Monthly goal review sessions
Expectation management
Applications for post final year
Organise visits to University Open Days/ Internships, Careers days & sporting opportunities
Sports review & performance progress
Self improvement
Stress management & mental wellness
Accountability & responsibility
Life & personal development
Social & emotional learning
Social networking
Develop time management skills
Balancing commitments
Leadership & followership
Expectations of the next phase
Optional: Performance & wellness
Sports Science- testing & data analysis
Program design based on sports and goals
Mental health monitoring
Nutrition - Meal Plan for Goals/General Meal Plan

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